About Us

I first started beekeeping in 2009 as a way to improve the pollination of my garden’s and fruit trees.   I typically have 2-3 hives at any given time.   However, currently I have 5 hives  – three that overwintered and two new ones from swarms I caught.

While overwintered hives started out as Carniolans (2) and Italians (1), they are all now “northern honey bees” (aka mutts!) as they have all swarmed at some point and raised a new queen!

My Apiary is located in Gilmanton NH part of NH’s Lake’s region.    The bees gather nectar and pollen from wildflower and trees within a 2-3 mile radius of our location.

On our property, I have flower & vegetable gardens  cherry, peach & apple trees, blueberries (both wild & cultivated), and strawberries along with several “natural areas” with wildflowers and clovers so the bees have a wide range of forage to choose from.



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