New Toys for Christmas

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  I certainly did.

I got a fun new “toy” for Christmas  – a digital microscope  (think of a web cam that can magnify!)..  I’ve only played with it a bit so far.. but I think it is going to be great!

Here’s a few examples of what you can do with it.

I first looked at a ladybug as it crawled around.  The Microscope lets you take a video.  Check this out  –

Later in the day, I was down at the hives & found a couple dead bees.. so I looked at them with the microscope.  I’m impressed at the quality of the magnification!

Here’s a picture of the bee – the tools allow you to annotate the picture:

Bee closeup
close up of one of my bees

Next I zoomed in even more  – This one is of the Thorax.. you can even see how it is “hinged”.

honeybee thorax

Here’s a close up of honeybee legs… you can even see the individual hairs!

honeybee legs
It is amazing how hairy this bee is!

I’m definitely going to use some of these new pictures in my “bee talks”..  and maybe even bring the microscope with me to look at things “live”.

So stay tuned for more pictures from my new toy.. suggestions of what I should look at next are gladly welcome!




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