Made Honey Drops!

A couple weeks ago I had a sore throat so I tried making honey drops.  I found this recipe for honey-lemon-ginger drops on line and modified it just a bit.

I put 1/2 c of my wildflower honey in a double boiler with 1 T of lemon juice & 1 t of ginger.

I brought it to a boil & then up to 300 – it really foams alot!

Honey, lemon & ginger heating to 300F
Honey, lemon & ginger heating to 300F

Once it hit 300F I took it off the burner and dropped it by teaspoonfuls onto a silicon baking sheet.

Honey drops cooling on a silicon sheet
Honey drops cooling on a silicon sheet

The drops cools very quickly.. after about 30 minutes I dusted them with confectionery sugar to help keep them from sticking together.

Honeydrops ready to use!
Honeydrops ready to use!

The drops were good!.. not too sweet.  Next time I’d pull them off the burner just before they hit 300 (maybe around 295) because they had a very slight overcooked taste… but they did help my sore throat!.

Two helpful hints:

  1. Before you start, boil water in a tea kettle and set aside. You’ll want to use this for clean up immediately after you make the drops.  Not only do the drops harden quickly but so does all of the residue on your pans! The boiling water will make clean up much easier!
  2. Even with the confectionery sugar dip, the drops will stick together if it is hot – keep them in the frig or individually wrap them or you’ll have one big honey drop in a few days





2 thoughts on “Made Honey Drops!

    1. I probably need to prefect them a bit more before considering selling them. I’m guessing “slightly burnt” taste isn’t a selling point!


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